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 Θέμα δημοσίευσης: Math Purity Test
ΔημοσίευσηΔημοσιεύτηκε: 04 Ιαν 2007, 16:52 
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Εγγραφη: 28 Φεβ 2006, 00:25
Δημοσ.: 4862
Τοποθεσια: Χολαργός
Have you ever . . .

1. Been excited about math?
2. Gotten someone else excited by math?
3. Had an exciting dream about math?
4. Manipulated a numerator?
5. Manipulated a denominator?
6. Had a hard problem set?
7. Had a long problem set?
8. Done a problem out all the way?
9. . . . on your first problem set?
10. Worked on a problem for more than an hour?
11. Worked on a problem for more than four hours?
12. Stayed up all night working on a problem set?
13. Done more than one problem set on the same night?
14. Done more than three problem sets on the same night?
15. Done a problem set alone?
16. Done a problem set in a group of three or more?
17. Done a problem set in a group of ten or more?
18. Inadvertently walked in upon people doing a problem set?
19. . . . and joined in?
20. Done a problem set with someone of the same sex?
21. Done a problem set in a horizontal position?
22. Used food doing a problem set?
23. Had an animal in the room while you were doing a problem set?
24. Done a problem set in a public place where you might be discovered?
25. Been discovered while doing a problem set?
26. Used explicit notation in your problem set?
27. Puposefully omitted important steps in your problem set?
28. Faked a problem set?
29. Padded your problem set?
30. Let someone see your finished problem set?
31. Had someone do your problem set for you?
32. Gotten in trouble because of a problem set?
33. Attacked a problem and worked on it until you were done?
34. Taken a math course?
35. . . . with prerequisites?
36. . . . at the upper level?
37. Taken two different math courses at the same time?
38. Gotten excited in class?
39. Done group work in a math class?
40. Scored perfectly on a math test?
41. Been blown away on a test?
42. Blown away your professor on a test?
43. Swallowed everything your professor gave you?
44. Cheated on a test?
45. Taken an oral exam?
46. Looked in the back of the book?
47. Double-majored?
48. Changed advisors?
49. Written a thesis?
50. Published a joint result?
51. Applied your math to a hard science?
52. Applied your math to a soft science?
53. Taught math?
54. . . . to someone under 18?
55. Used a foreign object (like a calculator) on a math problem?
56. Used a program (like Mathematica) to improve your mathematical technique?
57. Used a picture to help with the math?
58. Needed medication to help you do math?
59. Done a calculation in n-dimensional space?
60. Done an integration by parts?
61. Done two integration by parts in a single problem?
62. Done a change of bases?
63. Done a change of bases specifically in order to magnify your vector?
64. Worked through four complete bases in a single night?
65. Screamed uncontrolably because of math?
66. Tried to solve the condom problem?
67. Worked on the n-body problem?
68. Produced some original topology?
69. Multiplied 23 by 3?
70. Factored by grouping?
71. Seen a Lipshitz function?
72. Used a circumscribed circle?
73. Found the intersection of two sets?
74. Found the union of two sets?
75. Been an ordered pair?
76. Done things with the Witch of Agnesi?
77. Reached a local maximum?
78. Found a critical point?
79. Bisected an angle?
80. Used the domination test?
81. Used the chain rule?
82. Performed an improper integral?
83. Studied simple harmonic motion?
84. Studied continuous curves?
85. Taken a problem to the limit?
86. Manipulated a log?
87. Done Newton's Method?
88. Done the Method of Frobenius?
89. Used the Sandwich Theorem?
90. Done the Monte Carlo method?
91. Used Brownian Motion?
92. Functor?
93. Not used brackets when you should have?
94. Forgotten the order of operations?
95. Integrated a function over its full period?
96. Used the triangle inequality?
97. Inserted a number into an equation?
98. Calculated the residue of a pole?
99. Used a standard deviation?
100. Seen a Mobius strip?

Your percentage of math purity is the number of questions to which you answered "no".

Η Θυρα13 ειναι αυτο που δε μπορεις να φανταστεις αν δε το ζεις

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ΔημοσίευσηΔημοσιεύτηκε: 05 Ιαν 2007, 20:16 
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Εγγραφη: 05 Ιούλ 2006, 10:43
Δημοσ.: 283
Τοποθεσια: Boston
Ουφ!! :? Ζαλίστηκα..

Είμαι 23% μαθηματικώς αγνή. :shock:

ή μήπως 18% ;.. Δε θυμάμαι! :oops: Με τα δάχτυλα μέτραγα! :wink:

Αυτός ο κόσμος μαστίζεται από την αδιαφορία... αλλά τί με νοιάζει εμένα!

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