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By Joseph-Christos Kondylakis, Tel+Fax:+30-22910-55275 , 14-Aug-2011

The cost of a worst-case nuclear accident at a plant in Germany, for example, has been estimated to total as much as €7.6 trillion ($11 trillion), while the mandatory reactor insurance is only €2.5 billion.
(from Internet site : ... could.html )
Carefully note :
1) The above worst-case scenario is NOT the extreme worst-case scenario when a nuclear fission reactor can nuclear explode as nuclear bomb!
(Study the scientific relevant work of Joseph-Christos Kondylakis , with the title “Theoretically and in Applied considerations(under very special conditions) a nuclear fission reactor may nuclear explode as nuclear bomb” , presented in the 19th Scientific Symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society , at the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki in Greece ,on 28-29 May 2010
2) The above mentioned cost of worst-case nuclear accident of about 7.6 TRILLIONS Euro (or about 11 TRILLIONS Dollars-USA) Easily can BANKRUPT a Country!
Important Relevant Experience : This author , a Nuclear Physicist/Specialized in Nuclear FISSION (Applied+Theoretical) , have sent-communications to a Very Large number of International and National Organizations related to Nuclear Safety & Nuclear Responsibility , and first of all to International “Atomic”/NUCLEAR Energy Agency , I.A.E.A. and almost Never received a Feedback communication. This Clearly demonstrate the HUGE VITAL PROBLEM OF THE LACK OF NUCLEAR RESPONSIBILITY & INTEREST & UNDERSTANDING , IN INTERNATIONAL & IN NATIONAL(S) “levels” !!! ,S.O.S.,…

Main Relevant references :
1) “The Vital problem of Nuclear Qualifications in the International Nuclear Safety “ , by Joseph-Christos Kondylakis , 2011
2) “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment
(Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences) by Alexey V. Yablokov, Vassily
B. Nesterenko, Alexey V. Nesterenko and Janette D. Sherman-Nevinger
(Paperback - Jan 12, 2010) [In this scientific report the HUMANS DEATHS

(a critical scientific article devoted to the NUCLEAR ENERGY SAFETY OF HUMANITY…as personal memoir )

by Joseph-Christos Kondylakis , Nuclear Physicist/Specialized in Nuclear Fission(Applied+Theoretically), Tel+Fax: +30-22910-55275,
Anavissos region , 19013 Attiki , Greece , 31-July-2011

A. The nuclear industry and the nuclear organizations require their personnel to be excellent qualified in nuclear fission & nuclear technology (and also in nuclear fusion in research & development) in applied and theoretical knowledge, because these are exceptional complex fields (f.e. in the theory is including the neutron transport system of non-linear integral differential equations and possibly ILL posed problems) and require specialized practices and relevant fast decisions possibly in original cases that only the theory can help in order to efficiently avoid nuclear severe accidents(as in Chernobyl nuclear accident or even worst the possibility of a nuclear reactor to nuclear explode as nuclear bomb[1]).
The same requirement is mandatory necessary in nuclear organizations(as the International Atomic Energy Agency[IAEA],EURATOM, Nuclear Regulators ,etc) since it is scientifically necessary to have excellent nuclear qualified personnel in order to be able to Perceive, Understand, Decide and Act(s) on Original Critical events and not as it is usually now to act only on pre-experience , routine cases and in order to be able to efficient coordinate the international nuclear safety information.

B. Unfortunately the relevant experience of this author with the North America Nuclear Industry and the European and International Nuclear Organizations is that exist a VITAL Lack of excellent relevant qualified nuclear physicists specialized in Nuclear Fission & Nuclear Technology (Applied+Theoretically) and that a critical indicator is that most nuclear reactor(s) plants have as nuclear workers military navy people (fast promoted due to military mentality of management) , electrical engineers until…biologists!!! With Huge lack of the most proper relevant specialty of Nuclear Physicists specialized in Nuclear Fission (Applied+Theoretically)…
In fact , in all his thirty years experience with communications with Nuclear Industry and Nuclear Organizations(as IAEA,EURATOM,etc) and in relevant Internet searches he NEVER found (except himself) a single Nuclear Physicist Specialized in Nuclear Fission & Nuclear Technology (Applied+Theoretically) in Nuclear Industry, Regulators Group, IAEA, EURATOM,etc, in Greece, Canada, Europe, Internationally,…
The problem is getting worst because the new generation of nuclear physicists are not specialized in nuclear fission(Applied+Theoretically) but if they decide to become nuclear physicists they prefer to specialized in the environmental nuclear physics or nuclear medicine since there are more finance in these fields and because of the decline of nuclear power industry…

C. Our relevant recommendations
Since the nuclear fission power industry will be operative for certain time interval in the future (until hopefully utilization of nuclear fusion) due to increasing energy demands , worldwide, therefore extreme care must be given to the HUMAN FACTOR of the NUCLEAR SAFETY since this is the First and Most common factor effecting the Nuclear Energy Safety. As good Human Factor in Nuclear Safety we understand as first the Excellent relevant Specialized Nuclear Physicists & Engineers in the Nuclear Fission & Nuclear Technology (Applied+Theoretically) who can Perceive, Understand , Fast decide and Act(s) on Original(Require Theoretical education ) Critical cases which can lead to Severe Nuclear Accidents in Preventive or/and Operational cases or/together with the routine nuclear cases, the Nuclear Human Management(to be Nuclear Specialized in Theory and Applications), the Nuclear Workers and even including the Secretaries that they act as Gatekeepers of nuclear communications!!!(and this author had some negative experience with some secretaries by not understanding Critical nuclear issues but keeping foolish formalities, and “judging” not on the Criticality of the issue , but on the tone of…voice and even stopping the telephone nuclear communication!!! SOS )
The International Nuclear Society and Organizations must give proper Motivations and Stimulations and Resources to the new and old generations of Nuclear Physicists/Engineers so in the future to exist (preparing from now) the required number of excellent Nuclear Scientists/Engineers , particularly specialized in the Nuclear Fission & Nuclear Technology (Applied + Theoretically) and in optimum way to utilize the excellent knowledge and experience of even retired excellent nuclear physicists/engineers , perhaps in consultant or committees participation ,etc way for the benefit of International Nuclear Safety…
Regulations and Inspections and Petitions acknowledgements must ensure that in Nuclear Human Management of Nuclear Industry and Nuclear Organizations are highly promoted the most relevant to nuclear fission(Applied+Theoretically) Nuclear Physicists & Engineers and it must internationally understood that in certain Nations(f.e. in Greece and elsewhere) all that it usually count in work promotions are.the “connections” and Not the Relevant Excellent Qualifications , which is Extremely Dangerous for the Nuclear Industry & Nuclear Organizations , therefore International Written and Oral exams must be established for any promotion in the Nuclear Industry and Organizations(in Europe f.e in EURATOM), which will NOT be multi-choice questions(as it is in USA), but to be Problems-Solving where the Originality, Creativity , Logical Syllogism(s) and Intelligence and Ethics qualifications to be tested to find the best Nuclear Management and Operators.

D. Some Negative relevant examples from my experience
1. General Directors of the Greek Atomic Energy Commission are from Army Generals to …Statistician… to Mechanical engineer , but there was also,once, a very good Professor of Nuclear Engineering in the past…
2. The General Directors and the Members of the Board of the Governors of the International “Atomic”(NUCLEAR) Energy Agency, I.A.E.A. , are from…Lawyers!!! To …Master of Art(“Painters”?) graduates….and they NEVER answer to our Nuclear communications!!!....this make Impossible to efficiently and fast Nuclear Perceive,Understand and Decide in the Nuclear Criticality of nuclear communications and nuclear events and by there selves are fully unable to express a Nuclear Science opinion, since there are fully Ignorance of Nuclear physics/engineering,SOS,…
3. This author (a Nuclear Physicist/Specialized in the Nuclear Fission(Applied+Theoretically) with knowledge and working experience in Nuclear Industry in Canada ) , in 1990s the Greek State Telecommunications Organizations (OTE) Refused to install a …telephone line in his home!!!(because of Lowest priority in my profession), and I was required to travel by bus , two hours, to the center of Athens to make a long distance telephone call , where at the same time very small cigarettes places had a telephone line , and my salary in Greece. as public servant, was and is often smaller from a fully uneducated construction hand worker(not paying taxes) and smaller from other public servants with only high school or less education(f.e in Public Electricity Company) !!!Therefore there are strong anti-motivations forces and lack of finance for proper scientific and social living.

E. Some scientific relevant references
1. “Theoretically and in Applied considerations (under very special conditions) a nuclear fission reactor may nuclear explode as nuclear bomb” , by Joseph-Christos Kondylakis , presented in the 19th Scientific Symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society , on 28-29 May 2010 , at the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki , in Greece.
2. “Human Management in Nuclear Systems” , by Joseph-Christos Kondylakis, 2011 , submitted for publication in the journal “Nuclear News” of American Nuclear Society.
3. “Risk and Safety Analysis of Nuclear Systems” by John C. Lee and Norman J. McCormick , 2011
4. “Nuclear Safety” by Gianni Petrangeli , 2006

5. “Human Factors in Nuclear Safety “,by Neville A. Stanton , 1996

6. The C.V. of this author exist in the Internet site : ... 281%29.pdf

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