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 Θέμα δημοσίευσης: PostDoc Position in Statistics, Newcastle, UK
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Εγγραφη: 04 Οκτ 2007, 20:11
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Research Associate in Space-time Statistical Models
Grade F
Starting Salary: £28,695 – 30,434

Applications are invited for a Research Associate position in the School of
Mathematics & Statistics to work on a project, Space-time Statistical Models for Wind
Field Forecasting with High Performance Computing, funded by the King Abdullah
University of Science and Technology (KAUST). This is a fixed-term 36 month
appointment with starting date 1 April 2016 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The postholder will join an international interdisciplinary team of researchers in
statistics, climate science and computer science. It is expected that the postholder will
contribute in the development of space-time models for high-frequency wind output
from climate models, with the aim of locating optimal locations for wind farming and
contribute in the development of the wind energy portfolio in Saudi Arabia.
Informal enquiries can be made to
More information about the School is at
This 3-year position has arisen through the KAUST funded project Space-time
Statistical Models for Wind Field Forecasting with High Performance Computing,
which is at the interface of statistics, climate science and computer science. This is a
joint project between researchers at Newcastle University, King Abdullah University of
Science and Technology (KAUST) in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, and the National Center
for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado.

The project aims to develop the wind energy portfolio in Saudi Arabia by pooling results
from different climate model simulations, and identifying areas with the highest wind
potential for the future implementation of wind farms. In particular, the team in
Newcastle will be responsible for the development of space-time statistical models for
high frequency winds using an initial condition ensemble. The models developed will
also be used as a means to compress climate data and the results of this work will be
compared against standard compression algorithms. Towards the end of the project,
a showcase of the results will be implemented in a three-dimensional virtual reality
environment at KAUST with the support of visualization experts. An essential part of
the work will consist on the interaction of the postholder and the other research team
members, so short visits to the other two institutions are expected.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
All activities are in collaboration with the research team, which will consist of eight
investigators, two research associates and five PhD students.
1. Investigation of space-time models for high-frequency (daily or 6-hourly) wind
fields. An early target is the development of models for monthly data using spectral
models already developed in previous literature by other team members.
2. Investigation of non-Gaussianity of the data, and formulation of alternative models,
with particular focus to skew-normal distributions.
3. Development of feasible inference schemes for the model proposed using the high
performance computing facilities provided (including Shaheen II, currently the
seventh fastest computer worldwide).
4. Participation in joint project meetings at Newcastle University, KAUST and NCAR,
sometimes with external partners. These will require the preparation and
presentation of talks and reports to disseminate results.
5. Implementation of the results in a virtual reality environment, interacting with
visualization experts.
6. Participation in national and international conferences and workshops to present
the results of the project to a wider audience and to learn about current advances
in the field.
7. Preparation of journal papers for publication of project findings.
Research Role Profile
As part of our commitment to career development for research staff, the University has
developed 3 levels of research role profiles. These profiles set out firstly the generic
competences and responsibilities expected of role holders at each level and secondly
the general qualifications and experiences needed for entry at a particular level. It is
unlikely that any single member of staff will be applying all these competences at any
one time but he or she would be expected to display most of them over a period of

Please follow this link to our Research Role Profiles

Person Specification

Knowledge (inc. qualifications)
• A PhD in a Statistics, Climate Science or any other related engineering
• Publication record appropriate to stage of career.
• Experience of programming or package development in R and/or Matlab.
• Experience of statistical models over the sphere.
• Experience of cluster computing and high performance computational statistics.
• Experience in data compression.
• Experience in wind modelling.

Skills (professional, technical, managerial, practical)
• Ability to work as part of an international interdisciplinary team.
• Ability to present complex information in a clear and accurate manner.
• Ability to supervise more junior team members.

Experience and Achievements (paid or unpaid)
• Evidence of successfully learning and applying new statistical models.
• Evidence of efficient implementation of inference algorithms.
•Experience of analysis of computer experiments.

• Ability to interact with researchers at all levels within the University.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Good time management skills.
• Comfortable working both on their own and as a member of a team.
• Willingness to learn and undertake research in new branches of science.

For additional details about this vacancy and essential information on how to apply,
visit our Job Vacancies web page at

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